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Brazil, Bom Jesus

Brazil, Bom Jesus

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Bom Jesus – Special Edition Microlot

Processing: Anaerobic Fermentation
Certifications UTZ – RFA- AMSC
(Genuine rainforest coffee)

Tasting Notes

Juicy body, brimming with tropical pineapple, lychee, and passionfruit notes. Infused with the indulgence of chocolate-coated coconut sweetness, culminating in a long, sugary aftertaste. A remarkable twist on a timeless coffee classic.

Farmers: Flavia & Gabriel Oliveira
Region: Alta Mogiana
Processing: Anaerobic Fermentation
Varietals: Yellow Bourbon
Altitude: 1250 masl

About to Origin and Growers

Discover the heartwarming story of Gabriel and Flavia, a dedicated husband and wife team who are the driving force behind the enchanting Bom Jesus farm nestled in the picturesque Alta Mogiana region, just north of Sao Paulo.

With a legacy that spans almost a century and a half, coffee cultivation is more than just a business for this family – it's a cherished tradition passed down through generations. Gabriel and Flavia's ancestors first began tending to the coffee plants in this very region, instilling a deep-rooted connection to the land and its bounties. Today, their sons Lucas and Gabriel proudly carry forward this legacy as the torchbearers of their family's rich coffee-growing heritage.

Bom Jesus farm stands out not only for its enduring history but also for its commitment to preserving the essence of traditional coffee production. Employing time-honoured methods for drying the coffee beans, the farm has carved a niche for itself in the industry, offering a coffee that encapsulates the authentic flavors that have delighted palates for generations.

Yet, the story doesn't end here. In 2008, Gabriel and Flavia extended their caring hands beyond their coffee crops and embarked on a mission that transcends the boundaries of their farm. They introduced the GIME project (The Intercity Games for the Environment), a noble initiative designed to foster both social and environmental responsibility. This remarkable endeavour also embraces a heartwarming gesture by providing essential school supplies to the children of the hardworking coffee pickers from Franca and nearby towns.

Gabriel, Flavia, Lucas, and Gabriel Jr. are not just coffee growers; they are custodians of a cherished tradition, champions of sustainability, and catalysts of positive change in their community. Through their dedication to preserving the legacy of Bom Jesus farm and their unwavering commitment to uplifting the lives of those around them, they exemplify the true spirit of coffee culture – a blend of heritage, flavours, and compassion.

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