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Ethiopia, Guji - Jirimititi (Grade1)

Ethiopia, Guji - Jirimititi (Grade1)

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Ethiopia, Guji - Jirimititi (Grade1)

Tasting Notes
Full sweet body fruit & berry, bright acidity flavours, clean finish can also be roasted for espresso making a punchy full bodied complex sweet finishing coffee drink

Region: Oromia Zone Guji
District: Shakiso
Producer: Collection of farms
Process: Washed - Grade 1, Raised Beds
Altitude: 1600-2000 masl

Explore the Exquisite Coffee Delights of Guji: A Treasured Region in Southern Ethiopia

Welcome to Guji, a cherished coffee destination nestled amidst the enchanting landscapes of Southern Ethiopia. In a forest jungle setting, coffee beans flourish at 1,500-2,350 meters above sea level, allowing them to mature gradually and develop abundant flavours. The region comes from the esteemed Oromo tribe, whose ancestral connection to these mountains spans millennia.

Renowned as one of the world's premier coffee producers, Guji boasts exceptional flavour profiles that captivate the palates of discerning coffee aficionados. Delighting in a cup of Guji coffee reveals a delightful combination of floral and fruity notes, featuring hints of bergamot, peach, and jasmine. Collaborating closely with smallholder farmers, various coffee cooperatives in Guji ensure the cultivation of high-quality beans by offering training, resources, and improved market access. This equitable approach guarantees fair prices for the farmers and enhances the economic prospects of local communities.

Distinct for its vibrant acidity, fragrant aromas, and luscious fruity undertones, Guji coffee is predominantly cultivated using heirloom varieties of Arabica coffee, which have deep roots in Ethiopia's rich coffee heritage. Employing traditional farming methods, many dedicated farmers handpick only the ripest coffee cherries, ensuring the utilisation of the highest quality beans. The exceptional quality and unique flavour profile of Guji coffee command a premium price in the global market, contributing to the region's economic growth and elevating the livelihoods of its devoted coffee farmers.

Embark on a delightful journey through the distinctive flavours of Guji coffee, relishing the harmonious blend of tradition, nature, and expertise. Each sip supports the region's sustainable development and empowers local communities while also treating your taste buds to an exquisite Australian coffee experience. Immerse yourself in the unparalleled allure of Guji and savor the essence of Southern Ethiopia right from the comfort of your cup.

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