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Guetamala, San Antonio - Hue Hue

Guetamala, San Antonio - Hue Hue

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Guetamala, San Antonio - Huehuetanango

Tasting Notes

Enjoy the rich, full-bodied taste of milk chocolate paired with toffee, dried fruit, and roasted almonds. Taste the delightful sweetness of stone fruit with a sweet aftertaste that lasts for a long time.

Farmers: Small producers from Qawale group
Region: Huehuetenango
Processing: Washed
Varietals: Typica Bourbon Caturra
Altitude: 1350 masl

About to Origin and Growers

Positioned to the North of Guatemala, Huehuetenango stands out as one of the three prominent non-volcanic regions within the country. This geographical distinction profoundly influences the captivating flavor profiles that define the coffees originating from this land. The remote and secluded nature of this region impels a distinctive approach, where the vast majority of producers take on the responsibility of meticulously processing their own coffee yields. This intricate and hands-on involvement in the coffee-making process not only speaks to the dedication of the producers but also adds an extra layer of artistry to the final product. As a result, each cup of coffee from Huehuetenango encapsulates not just the flavors of the land, but the devotion and skill of those who craft it.

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