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Indonesia, Sulawesi Bukit Marante

Indonesia, Sulawesi Bukit Marante

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Indonesia, Sulawesi Bukit Marante – Kalossi Coffee

Tasting Notes

Equilibrium of a full, heavy body carrying blackcurrant acidity and a spicy finish. Smoky campfire tones meld with sweet leather and distinct earthiness.

Region: Toraja Sulawesi
Processing: Traditional Wet Hulling
Varietals: Sumatran Typica Cultivar
Altitude: 1000 -1400 masl

About to Origin

Cultivated in Indonesia's picturesque Sulawesi island, specifically the Toraja region, Kailosi Toraja (Bukit Marante) beans are renowned for their deeply intense, thickly syrupy body. Meticulously nurtured, fully washed, sun-dried, and hand-sorted, these beans thrive at elevations of 1000-1400 MASL in nutrient-rich volcanic soil.

Situated within the Indonesian archipelago, Sulawesi holds a special place, with its finest coffees flourishing in the Torajaland region near the upcountry town of Rantepao. Rooted in a captivating cultural heritage, the Toraja people infuse their coffee production with traditional practices. Coffee trees dot small plots around villagers' homes, involving the entire family in the picking and processing.

Even glimpses of coffee trees on the fringes of rice paddies, which provide a staple diet, underscore its role as a supplemental cash crop that complements other sources of family income.

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