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Kii, Kenya

Kii, Kenya

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Kii factory, Rungeto society - Kii, Kirinyaga, Kenya

Tasting Notes

Kii is refined fruitful, and sweet - a must-brew for the season

Farmers: Rungeto Society (Danson Kanga)
Region: Kirinyaga
Processed: Washed
Varietals: SL28, SL34, Ruiru11, Batian
Altitude: 1.600 - 1.800 masl


About to Kii, Kenya

Introducing Kii, a distinguished Kenyan coffee brought to you by the esteemed Kii Factory, operated by the Rungeto Society cooperative. Comprising 850 dedicated small-scale farmers under the adept management of Danson Kangi, this cooperative has been cultivating excellence since its establishment in 1997. The exceptional quality of Kii coffee has gained it a well-deserved reputation, making it a standout addition to our coffee offerings.

Exclusive to our Surprise Subscription last year, Kii has now found a permanent place on our coffee menu, allowing coffee enthusiasts to savor its distinctive characteristics. Every cup of Kii coffee is a testament to the meticulous processing techniques employed at the Kii Factory, where the beans are handled with precision to unlock their full flavor potential and aromatic richness.

From the fertile soils of Kenya to the hands of passionate farmers and skilled processors at Kii Factory, this coffee embodies a commitment to excellence. Elevate your coffee experience with Kii, where the dedication of the Rungeto Society cooperative and the expertise of Danson Kangi converge to deliver a truly enjoyable and exceptional cup of Kenyan coffee.

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