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Spectrum Coffee

Kochere Biloya, Ethiopia

Kochere Biloya, Ethiopia

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Tasting Notes

Juicy and clean with notes of hibiscus, plum and milk chocolate.

Farmers: 310 Small Holder Farmers
Region: Kochere, Yirgacheffe
Processed: Natural
Varietals:  JARC
Altitude:  1720 masl

About Bllioya

The Biloya washing station, nestled in the picturesque Kochere District just north of Chelelektu and 45km from Dilla, serves as a hub for smallholder farmers in the surrounding hills. They entrust their harvests to this station, where meticulous processing, cupping, and sales take place. Boasting twelve fermentation tanks and over 136 raised beds, the station ensures precise lot management and traceability. While the station has a legacy spanning two decades, recent ownership changes have sparked expansion and improvement initiatives.

Hailing from the renowned Gedeo zone in Ethiopia, this coffee marks our first venture with the Biloya washing station. We are thrilled with the exceptional quality and the coffee's sweet, delicate origin attributes—a testament to the rich coffee-producing history of the region. In our roasting process, we've allowed the natural process to shine through a prolonged drying phase, followed by a shorter development phase that accentuates its gentle floral aftertaste. We hope this unique approach enhances your coffee experience!

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