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Rwanda, Lake Kivu (Natural)

Rwanda, Lake Kivu (Natural)

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Rwanda, Lake Kivu

Tasting Notes

Full body - Black Tea notes • Dried Fruit • Jam • Cacao body, delicious complex juiciness

Region: Nyamasheke
Station: Rugali Coffee Washing Station
Varietal: Bourbon
Process: Natural
Altitude: 1550 – 1850 masl

Experience the Flavours of Rwanda: Specialty Coffee from Spectrum Coffee Roasters

Embark on a journey to the beautiful region of Lake Kivu, located along the border of Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. At Spectrum Coffee Roasters, we proudly bring you the finest offerings from this region, supporting local growers and celebrating the rich heritage of Rwandan coffee. From the 'land of a thousand hills', this exceptional coffee has been meticulously nurtured and expertly prepared by the renowned Rugali Washing Station in Nyamasheke.

Introduced to the region by German missionaries in the early 1900s, coffee cultivation in Rwanda flourished. Rugali Washing Station, one of the district's largest and most esteemed stations, is among the first officially sanctioned facilities to offer Natural and Honey processed lots in Rwanda. This lot represents the district's collaborative efforts of 140 local grower families meticulously selected for Natural processing.

At Rugali, cherries are hand-sorted with meticulous care, ensuring only the highest quality beans are chosen. The cherries then undergo a gentle water submersion to remove any 'floaters' and defects. Following this initial step, the best cherries are evenly spread across terraced beds, where they patiently dry for 40-45 days, achieving an ideal moisture content of 11%. The raised beds are meticulously maintained, with careful weed and grass removal to optimise airflow and minimise humidity. In the Lake Kivu region's temperate climate, with daytime temperatures ranging from 28 to 30 degrees Celsius and cool evenings of 12 to 15 degrees, the sun-soaked cherries slowly transform from bright red to a deep burgundy, all without the need for mechanical dryers.

Rugali washing station is a shining example of Rwanda's immense potential in specialty coffee. Once milled, this extraordinary Natural processed lot undergoes further hand sorting and colour grading, ensuring exceptional quality and consistency. With an unwavering dedication to quality processes and innovative practices, Rwanda continues establishing itself as a leading coffee-producing nation.

Experience Rwandan coffee's rich flavours and unique characteristics, meticulously curated by Spectrum Coffee Roasters. Our commitment to supporting local growers and showcasing the best of Rwanda's coffee industry is at the heart of our mission. Join us in celebrating the artistry and passion behind every cup as we bring you the finest specialty coffee from the enchanting region of Lake Kivu.

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